Walking to Bethlehem

Author: Katharine Barrett

Pages: 164
Description: It’s time to journey to Bethlehem!

Join us on a four week, daily devotional journey as we celebrate the coming of Emmanuel!

What will our footprints look like? How will we be released from hopelessness, unrest, sorrow and loneliness; into hope, peace, joy and love? As we journey to Bethlehem together, can we invite Emmanuel, our redeeming, compassionate God to transform our story and illuminate our lives?

Imagine… we’re travelling together to Bethlehem, each carrying a light. Older ones helping the younger, in expectation of Emmanuel’s coming. I’m envisioning a ribbon of light, the illumination of God’s redeeming, transforming work in our lives, and I am hearing the words of Isaiah:

The people who walk in darkness will see a great light…
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