The Campaigners

Author: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

ISBN: 9780751506518
Pages: 580
Description: 1815 – The Hundred Days Campaign and Battle of Waterloo

Napoleon’s escape from Elba has convulsed Europe. The Allied Army is gathered in Flanders, and where the Army is, the fashionable world must follow. So Lucy and Heloise both take their daughters to Brussels for the most exhilarating Season ever. Romance flourishes in the warlike atmosphere. Rosamund must finally come to terms with her feelings for her cousin Marcus; Sophie meets an enigmatic French major who may change her future; and Heloise renews acquaintance with a former suitor. The looming shadow of battle only makes the dancers whirl more feverishly, but when the army marches out to face the might of the French at Waterloo, one question is in every heart: which of them will not come back?
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