Prophet, Volume 1: Remission

Author: Brandon Graham

ISBN: 9781607066118
Pages: 136
Description: Here is the chronology of thoughts as I read this. NOTE: this is FULL so SPOILERS. Also, I knew nothing about the original when I read this:

Whoa, AMAZING gorgeous art!
OMG, I love the worlds!
The creatures, the creatures, the CREATURES!
Oh wow, a city of jelly? Awesome! But…ew.
Damn, where are the women? Even the creatures are male-ish.
Who is this John Prophet dude?
Why’s he a cannibal?
Stop eating, please. I hate looking at you do it.
Ok, I want more narrative. What’s…who…tell me, story. Tell me something I understand.
Oh, look at that. The colors.
Nice splash page! I’m loving the detail.
Ok, this is a new story now.
I don’t like it. It’s cold and in space.
What the hell is going on?
Is that a woman?
Man, I can’t tell and I don’t care. She seems like a dude.
Ok, she’s dead now anyway.
What the hell is going on??
Ok, this is the last story…
WTF just happened? I can’t even FOLLOW that.
*Nnedi closes book and stares off into space*
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