Man Ray

Author: Manfred Heiting

ISBN: 9783822855560
Pages: 192
Description: Taschen is my favorite art book publisher. They have a variety of art books and my favorites are their icon series-small books filled with compelling images.

I actually had a little obsession near the end of my high school years with collecting these art books, which inevitably led to my discovery of photographer Man Ray.

Discovering the name of the artist whose works you have been familiarized with in the past is an enchanting experience.

This book covers Man Ray’s techniques to an extent where you can understand his work.

The book displays images of models, still life, as well as showcasing his famous solarization and photogram techniques. However, this book does not contain enough information for the reader to really understand the history of Man Ray, there is some text, yes, not enough to educate. This is more of an adult picture book for me-which I am totally fine with.
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