Author: Anne Sweazy-Kulju

ISBN: 9781625107954
Pages: 308
Description: “Blowing out the exhale, he tipped his hat at the few still-breathing horses. ‘Don’t worry; you’ll be dead ‘fore the buzzards gather to pick at ya.’ Parker squinted up at the sun and saw buzzards were circling overhead already. ‘I think, ‘ he laughed cruelly.” Lara and Lainy survived foster care and all its horrors, but the experience left them incomplete in that they had no knowledge of the people they came from. Unknowingly, until now, each of them has had a reoccurring dream for more years than they can remember-the same dream. When the girls are regressed by a therapist anxious to publish their story, they learn shocking details about themselves, an unsolved murder in Bodie, California, and a massive cover-up. They want to investigate-but a mining executive can’t allow the “Dream Sisters” to go poking around Bodie, anymore than he could allow the therapist to go public and threaten his thirty-five million dollar deal. Are the “Bad Men From Bodie” really dead? Join Lainy and Lara as they dig up shocking secrets in Bodie. Based on a true story.
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